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Admission Form
Admission Details
  • Children who complete 4 years in July are eligible for admission in K. G. I.
  • Mostly admissions are confined to Kinder Garden class. Admission to other classes is made subject to the availability of seats.
  • The admission will be considered only on the basis of available vacancies, pupil's fitness, eligibility and age for the class sought for admission.
  • All students are required to submit a birth certificate of Municipal Corporation or Transfer Certificate on an admission. (Caste certificate whenever necessary).
  • Documents with attested Xerox copies should be attached with the application.
  • Confirmation of admission will be made only after the payment of admission fees.
  • The management and school reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without explaining any reason.
  • In the terms of cancellation of admission, the school admission lees will not be refunded.
  • Every application for withdrawal must be made in writing. Transfer certificate will be issued only after fee dues are cleared.
  • Home works and reports should be noted down in the diary.
Fee Rules
  • Admission fees should be paid at the time of admission only.
  • Monthly fees can be paid either in advance lump sum or monthly before the 15th date of that month
  • Fees are to be paid for the entire twelve months.
  • Student will not be admitted to the examination unless he has paid all the fees.
  • If the fees are not paid by the due date (date 10th of that month) late fees will be charged Rs. 10/- per month.
  • Regular and punctual attendance is insisted upon. No leave of absence.
  • Students must be regular in attending the school. Irregular students will be detained in the same class.
  • Extra leave will not be given without parent's application.
  • Roach the school at least 10 minutes before the fixed time.
  • Personal cleanliness in expected from all.
  • Homework and reports should be noted down in the diary.
  • The school does not accept any responsibility for the loss of books, pencil and valuables.
  • Cleanliness Is next to Godliness. Make sure you come to school wearing clean, neat and tidy uniform. Please don't wear gold ornaments of bring other valuables of jewels in school.
  • Students should not write or scratch on desk, walls and doors and should not damage school property.
  • Four wheelers or two wheelers which required license to drive should not be used to attend the school.
  • Student should follow the instructions regarding their studies and discipline given by teacher / class teacher.
Eligibility for Admission
Age Eligibility
( As on 1st June of the academic session for which admission is sought )
Class Age Criteria
(A) Nursery- 3 Years
(B) Junior K.G- 4 Years
(B) Senior K.G- 5 Years
(D) Class 1- 6 Years
(D) Class 2 onwards- 7 Years